Washington Vein Testimonials

Five Star Review“I went to Dr. Markovitz at Virginia Vein Care with the expectation that my
large rope like veins in my leg would be reduced in size and pain. They have
actually disappeared and the pain has gone away entirely. An unexpected
outcome has been the feeling that a 5 lb. ankle weight has been removed from
my leg. Also, many people have commented on how much thinner my leg looks.”

Richard K.

Five Star Review“Prior to my first session with Dr. Markovitz, I had extremely severe vein
problems that were both painful and unsightly. After only a few brief
sessions, all of the pain and discomfort had vanished and my legs now look
better than I could have possibly imagined. I am truly amazed at the results
and I would recommend Dr. Markovitz to anyone considering these procedures.
His office staff is friendly and professional, the procedures were painless,
and I could not be happier with how my legs look and feel. My only regret is
that I did not come to visit Dr. Markovitz sooner.”

Chris C.

Five Star Review“I had sclerotherapy several years before going to Virginia Vein Care. The
results of my sclerotherapy at Virginia Vein Care were amazingly superior to
previous results I had with sclerotherapy done elsewhere. I didn’t know that
sclerotherapy could be this effective and improve my legs this much. My
spider veins are completely gone. Their technique is great and I highly
recommend their services.”

Sarah G.

Five Star Review“I am a patient of yours and began treatment with you in early 2013. My legs had been covered with bulging ugly veins since I was in high school. You performed 7 procedures on my legs in a short time, as I was on a fast track schedule to get my legs ready for my daughter’s July 2013 wedding in Jamaica. We didn’t get it all finished, but they were greatly improved. After returning, many sclerotherapies were done. The summer of 2014 was the first time since high school that I could wear shorts & skirts and not be self -conscious of my legs. Thanks to you and your gracious staff for all of your hard work! I will continue to come for sclero as needed. Your help has made a big difference in my life!”

Tami P.