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One of Washington DC’s Top Cardiovascular Surgeons, Dr. Markovitz

Dr. Lawrence J. Markovitz is a highly regarded Board Certified Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon with over 28 years of clinical experience, and one of the top vein doctors in Washington DC.

Unlike other Washington, D.C. area vein doctors, Dr. Markovitz has extensive experience with surgery of the heart, blood vessels and saphenous veins. He has performed over five thousand such open operative procedures and in excess of ten thousand minimally invasive vein procedures since founding Virginia Vein Care. He has found both radiofrequency and laser ablative vein procedures to be a highly effective vein treatment for those patients suffering from venous insufficiency and has a success rate in excess of 98% when utilizing these procedures for axial veins. He has garnered nationwide leading experience in the specialized treatment of perforator veins and in the performance of chemical ablation (ultrasound guided sclerotherapy).

Dr. Markovitz opened Virginia Vein Care in 2008 and has been consistently recognized as one of the D.C. area’s best surgeons. Most recently, Dr Markovitz was named a 2020 top vascular surgeon. Lawrence Markovitz, M.D., has also published 13 articles in scientific journals, created a collaborative poster for the 16th Annual Mayo Conference on Quality, and given eight presentations on his research. Most recently, Dr Markovitz was named a 2020 top vascular surgeon.

“Virginia Vein Care operates with impeccable integrity. This is important with any medical service, of course, but cannot be taken for granted. Their goal is to fix your legs, not nickel & dime you. Suffice to say, I encountered prior issues in this industry, particularly with corporatized approaches, where numbers and profits drive treatment approaches.
Day One, their team of seasoned professionals actually showed me underlying issues using ultrasound, explained everything in fully understandable terms, and mapped out the optimal treatment plan. This was a first for me, a pleasant surprise.

And I have entrusted only Virginia Vein Care with this specialist care in years since. And of course, recommended them to others I know experiencing any vascular issues. Schedule an initial consult, and you will not be disappointed.”

“Dr. Markovitz and his staff are all true professionals, the best vein care professionals I’ve discovered. Unlike any other specialist, VVC provides a comprehensive and thorough approach to vein treatment. Expert ultrasound scanning, identifying root causes of other vein problems, then addressing those first. You can be fully confident VVC will resolve your vein issues in the optimal way. By addressing root causes (main problem veins) first, then varicose/spider veins last, you’re guaranteed of this specialist work done properly. And… less chance of future problems. Great work from this clinic, I really appreciate their efforts!”

Over the years he has had many satisfied patients and prides himself on the level of expertise and detailed patient care provided by the physicians at Virginia Vein Care.

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