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Virginia Vein Care now offers Varithena vein treatment, a new FDA-approved approach to treating varicose veins.

Varithena vein treatment is a safe and effective state-of-the-art technology that improves the appearance and other symptoms of varicose veins. Varithena is different from others varicose veins treatments because it utilizes the power of microfoam through a highly sophisticated delivery system.

Varithena works by introducing enough foam into the diseased vein to displace the blood in the affected blood vessel. Without the pressure of blood from within the blood vessel, the vein collapses. The collapse of the vein “deactivates” the microfoam.

The body reroutes the blood flow through other veins. The vein eventually breaks up, and nearby tissue absorb the remainder of the treated blood vessel. The varicose vein fades from view and symptoms, such as heaviness, achiness, swelling, throbbing and itching, disappear.

Varithena uses advanced microfoam generating technology that accurately delivers the correct amount of foam to the diseased vein. The proprietary canister device mixes, conditions, and delivers the microfoam through a syringe. Dr. Markovitz use ultrasound to guide the injection of the microfoam.

Varithena is a safe and effective treatment for a wide variety of varicose veins, such as twisted or “tortuous” veins, varicose veins above and below the knee, and diseased veins previously treated with other approaches. This advanced treatment is appropriate for the treatment of varicose veins of small, medium and large diameters.

Varithena vein treatment also relieves the symptoms of superficial venous reflux disease. In this vein condition, blood flows backward, down toward the lower legs and feet in between heartbeats. This causes blood to accumulate in the veins of the lower legs. The veins respond by bloating and twisting; affected veins lying near the surface of the skin appear as varicose veins.

Treatment typically takes less than 30 minutes. Patients can go home and resume most of their normal activities on the same day as treatment, although they should avoid heavy exercise.

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